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Field Trip to See The Spencers - January 2007

Below are photos taken in January, 2007 at the Meet & Greet between The Spencers & IBM Ring 130 Members:


The Spencers with Travis Marron, and Pat & Jere Cook



The Spencers with John Palumbo, and Doug Wolfram and Jay Hagley


Paul Cummins Lecture - February, 2007

 Pictures from Paul's lecture; our first at Steak & Ale


 Paul demonstrates his skills "From A Shuffled Deck in Use"



John Born Lecture - March, 2007

Photos from John's lecture:


Kevin Gardner, Ring President introduces John.  John performs his matrix.



Jay Scott Berry Lecture & Teach In - September, 2007

Jay's Lecture at Steak & Ale:


Ed Leto, Ring President, introduces Jay Scott Berry


Jay & Travis



Jay goes into great detail on the Bill Switch at the Teach In


Charles Gauci Teach In - October, 2007

Charles's Teach In:


Charles teaches some of his best routine to a rapt audience.



January - Field Trip to The Spencers

& Ring Meeting - "Take an Old Trick & Turn It Into a New Trick" and "Improv Comedy"

February - Lecture - Paul Cummins

March - Lecture - John Born

April - "Group Improv/Creative Magic"

May - Lecture - Magic Ian

June - Lecture - Pavel

July - Lecture - Karl Hein

August - "Magic to Music"

September - Lecture - Jay Scott Berry

October - Lecture - Harry Allen

Teach-In - Charles Gauci

November - Lecture - Alain Choquette

Ring Meeting - "Bring Your Favorite Trick"

Fall Picnic & Magic Show

December - "Holiday Magic" and Swap Meet