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Mark Mason Lecture - January, 2008

Photos below are of Mark Mason's Lecture in January, 2008.  Mark was hysterically funny, as always:


Ed Leto, our Ring President, introduces Mark



Mark shows Travis some card magic, and his new "Hung, Drawn and Quartered" effect



Mark shows his rope and card dexterity, with Dan Joubert watching closely.


John Carney Lecture - February, 2008

Photos from the John Carney lecture:


John with Ed Leto, Ring President



John with Paul Davidson, and Pat & Jere Cook


Fielding West Lecture - June, 2008


Fielding performed his famous "Bob the Bird" routine



Fielding comes home to perform for Ring 130.  Fielding with Ring President - Doug Wolfram


Fielding and Donovan, holding a photo of themselves from about 30 years ago.



Fielding sports Travis's hat, and presents him with a cake of congratulations for taking 1st place in the Junior Close-Up competition at the Florida State Spring Convention in Miami.


Sammy Smith Lecture - August, 2008


Travis helps Sammy with his show when Sammy return home to IBM Ring 130 after about 30 years.




Troy Hooser Lecture - September, 2008




Troy is pictured performing his various effects, and also pictured with Ring President Doug Wolfram, Junior Member Travis Marron, and Jay Spry, Ring Member.



Harry Allen Lecture - October, 2008

Steve Lingle, Vice President, introduces Harry Allen.

Doc Eason Lecture & Workshop - November, 2008


Doc with Travis Marron, and with Howard & Laura Buss, with Jay Spry in the background.



Doc shows his dexterity in tying a bow tie.


Ring 130 Members closely study Doc's methods at the Workshop.


Almost Annual Cookout & Magic Show - November, 2008


Doug Wolfram, President and Howard Buss cooking out.  The audience watches the show.


Nikolay Zhukov, Sargent at Arms, and Emcee introduces the performers:



Steve Lingle, VP solves a Rubiks's Cube, blindfolded, while Simone Marron Secretary performs Orange, Rice and Checkers in rhyme.



Ed Leto, Past President does a great Magic Square, while Dan Joubert, Ring Member entertained us greatly with his antics.



Bob Schvey, TVP and closet CSI performs an original act, while Travis Marron, Jr. Member performs his award-winning Close-up act.



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August - Lecture - Sammy Smith

September - Lecture - Troy Hooser

October - Lecture - Harry Allen

November - Lecture & Workshop - Doc Eason

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