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Dan Stapleton Lecture - January, 2009

Photos below are of Dan Stapleton's Lecture in January, 2009. 


Dan is introduced by Doug Wolfram, President



Dan with Bill Rieber and Rachel, Youth Member.



Dan with Nikolay Zhukov & Valerie Gambino, and also with Travis Marron



 Tom Craven Lecture - February, 2009


Tom teaches us some effects with the help of Dan Joubert and Cyndy Weinman.



Tom showing some card moves at intermission, and hanging with Travis Marron.


 Aldo & Rachel Colombini Dealer Demo, March, 2009


Aldo performs with ropes for Bill and with cards for Andy



Aldo blows out his birthday candles, and Rachel demonstrates how Jay could have won money, if only he had picked the right color bag!!


Aldo & Rachel take a bow during their standing ovation, and then pose for a photo with Travis.


Jay Sankey Lecture - June, 2009


Jay put on an incredible performance and lecture for our Ring.




 Paul Cummins Lecture, August, 2009



 Jim Pace Lecture, September, 2009

Jim makes Laura Buss' watch mysteriously change time while Bill Tighe looks on in amazement.




Photo opportunities with Jim for Steve Lingle, Vice President


Harry Allen Demo, October, 2009


Harry Allen demonstrates his Magic to spectator Laura McGill


Picnic & Magic Show, November, 2009

Below are our performers for the 2009 Magic Show and picnic.  From top to bottom:

Travis Marron, Mondo Henriques, Laura & Howard Buss, Ed Leto, Dan Joubert, The Audience, Bill Gillespie, Andy Johnson, Zack Key, Steve Lingle, Valerie Gambino and Joseph Molander








January - Lecture - Dan Stapleton

February - Lecture - Tom Craven

March - Dealer Demo - Aldo & Rachel Colombini

April - Lecture - "Standing Room Only"

May - "Self Working Tricks - Almost"

June - Lecture - Jay Sankey

July - "Money Magic"

August - Lecture - Paul Cummins

September - Lecture - Jim Pace

October - Lecture - Harry Allen

November - Lecture - Ed Leto

Fall Picnic & Magic Show

December - "Holiday Magic" and Swap Meet