International Brotherhood of Magicians, Jacksonville, Florida, USA


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David Ginn Workshop - January, 2010

David demonstrates some of his effects with the help of Junior Member Ashleigh



 David shows us how to remove the tablecloth without removing the dishes.


 David with his helper, Sean



February Lecture - Cameron Francis

Cameron gets some assistance from Zack Key



March Lecture - Michael Ammar

Michael is watched closely by Mike Pelt and Bill Gillespie



April Lecture - Nathan Kranzo

Nathan with Travis Marron



May Show/Lecture/Workshop - Jeff McBride

At the workshop, Jeff with Valerie Gambino and Travis Marron, and at the show with Simone Marron and Maria Ibanez



June Lecture - Joshua Jay

Josh being assisted by Jim Mirabella and Mondo Henriques



August Lecture - Banachek

Banachek bends some metal and amazes Mondo Henriques and Jim Mirabella



September Lecture - Dan Fleshman

Dan gets some assistance from our youngest member, Sean Mirabella



October Lecture - Harry Allen

Harry shows us the greatest and latest products



December - Cookout

Some of our Cookout performers -  Bill Gillespie, Valerie Gambino with Cyndy Weinman, Dan Joubert with Mondo Henriques


Laura Buss and Dave Coll, Jim and Sean Mirabella, Joe Molander and Cyndy Weinman, Andy Johnson


Maria Ibanez, Pat Stidham, Travis Marron and Dan Joubert





January - Dealer Demo - Mark Mason

Lecture - Kozmo

Workshop - David Ginn

February - Lecture - Cameron Francis

March - Lecture - Michael Ammar

April - Lecture - Nathan Kranzo

May - Show/Lecture/Workshop - Jeff McBride

Meeting - "Your Favorite Trick"

June - Lecture - Joshua Jay

July - Lecture - Wayne Houchin

August - Lecture - Trevor Duffy & Banachek

September - Lecture - Dan Fleshman

October - Lecture - Harry Allen

November - Lecture - Czili Gyula

December - Fall Picnic & Magic Show

"Holiday Magic" and Swap Meet