International Brotherhood of Magicians, Jacksonville, Florida, USA


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January Lecture - Geoff Williams

Geoff with Board Members David Coll, Dan Joubert, and Howard Buss



February Lecture - Jonathan Levit

Jonathan works with Ring Members Joe & Kasey Molander, and Portia Gillespie



February Lecture - Eric Jones

Eric with Nunzio Smith, and with Jay Spry and Dan Joubert



March Lecture - Shawn Farquhar

Shawn with Ed Leto, Cyndy Weinman, and Zack Key



April Lecture - Henry Evans

Henry with Dan Joubert, Kara Shrout, and Travis Marron



May Lecture - Daniel Garcia

Dave performs before the big lecture and Dan Joubert assists Danny.


Cyndy helps Danny, and Simone Marron with Danny and Natalie.



June Lecture - Maria Ibanez

Travis performs before Maria's lecture and Maria shows us her "Coming to America" coloring book


Maria shares her treasures from her sewing  basket



July Lecture - Chastain Criswell

Chastain performs for Ed and Cyndy, and demonstrates his Mental Epic with Keith, Grady and Jay.



August Lecture - Aldo & Rachel Colombini

Andy opens the evening with Gypsy Thread, and the Colomibinis talk about their recent experiences and their future.



Rachel demonstrates her magic to Howard Buss, and performs her beautiful Tri-colored Cups and Balls



September Lecture - Devin Knight

Devin with Ring President Dan Joubert



October Lecture - Gregory Wilson

Bill performs before the lecture and Greg with Ring President Dan Joubert and Ring Member Nunzio Smith.



November Lecture - Bill Wisch

Alex Martinez performs before the lecture and Laura Buss assists Bill.


Ring President Dan Joubert is the perfect assistant for "The Flight of the Paper Balls"





January - Lecture - Geoff Williams

February - Lecture - Jonathan Levit and Eric Jones

March - Lecture - Shawn Farquhar

April - Lecture - Henry Evans

May - Lecture - Daniel Garcia

June - Lecture - Maria Ibanez

July - Lecture - Chastain Criswell

August - Lecture - Aldo & Rachel Colombini

September - Lecture - Devin Knight

October - Lecture - Gregory Wilson

November - Lecture - Bill Wisch

Fall Picnic & Magic Show

December - "Holiday Magic" and Swap Meet