International Brotherhood of Magicians, Jacksonville, Florida, USA


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2012 Photos

January Lecture - Chad Long

Member Zack Key and President Dan Joubert, assisted by Junior Member Sean perform before the lecture


Chad Long shows his skills to Members Nunzio Smith and Jay Spry



February Lecture & Workshop - Eugene Burger

Eugene is assisted by Erik Boetcker, Dave Coll and Cyndy Weinman


Eugene teaches at the workshop



February Dealer Demo - Emory Williams, Williams Magic

Williams Magic from Tucson, AZ brought their rig for Ring 130 Members to shop.

Emory Williams performs a Dealer Demo


Dan Joubert helps Emory show a poster of their store in Tucson


March Lecture - Bizzaro & Kyle Marlett

Nunzio performs before the lecture and President Dan Joubert presents Mondo Henriquez with a "perfect attendance" certificate.


Bizzaro performs "Color Changing Spongeballs"  assisted by Junior Member Sean, and Kyle plays with fire!


The "Strange" of Bizzaro and the "Nerdy" of Kyle made for a great lecture!!



April Lecture - Dan Harlan

Dan is assisted by Erik Boetcker and Howard Buss



Dan performs "Ritual Necklace" and "Starcle", assisted by Jay Spry and Laura Buss



Dan and Jen, Mindreading Duo extraordinaire, and Alex Martinez threatens Dan with a banana!



May Lecture - Rafael Benatar

Rafael with Travis Marron who performed before the lecture, and almost making Jay Spry fall off his chair!


Performing his coin routine with Bill Gillespie and "Right Between the Eyes" with Portia Gillespie and Howard Buss


Ryan Furtick is baffled by Rafael's Tape Measure effect.


June Lecture - Shoot Ogawa

Keith Gwaltney, Officer performs before the lecture assisted by Mondo Henriques, and Shoot gives Daniel Morgan a lesson on the Ninja Rings.


Shoot performs his version of "Coins Across" and does a little Mentalism for Vice President, Dave Coll


Shoot masterfully performs the Ninja Rings and the Flipstick


Group Shot


July Meeting - Bring Your Two Favorite Tricks

Travis does his comedy bit and is also seen assisting Jeremy Hall with his performance.


Louise assists Keith Gwaltney while Laura Buss assists Bill Gillespie


Alexander Kempinski performs and then assists Dave Coll with additional assistance from Ed Leto


Andy Johnson and Brad Baker perform


Steve Underwood is assisted by Travis Marron and Bill Gillespie, and Ed Leto performs


Bill Tighe performs and Ed Leto next to a picture of his doppelganger, the Magician Andrew Goldenhersh



August Lecture - Dan Garrett

Dan is assisted by Bill Gillespie and Dan Joubert


Dan with Nunzio Smith and John Nolan



September Lecture - Barry Mitchell

Andy Johnson opens the evening assisted by Laura Buss.  Barry Mitchell is our Lecturer.


Barry has Jim Mirabella be a grain of sand while Laura Buss shows how big her heart is.


Barry performs his "Got Cookies" assisted by youngest Ring Member Sean.


October Lecture - Two Brothers One Mind

Dan Joubert opens the evening assisted by Adam Buss.  Chad does a book test assisted by Bruce Horovitz.


Jeff and Chad Orr are Two Brothers One Mind


Nunzio Smith assists Jeff


At Ruby Tuesday after the lecture - Chad, Mondo, Nunzio, Simone, Jeff and Erik



January - Lecture - Chad Long

February - Lecture - Eugene Burger and Williams Magic

March - Lecture - Bizzaro & Kyle Marlett

April - Lecture - Dan Harlan

May - Lecture - Rafael Benatar

June - Lecture - Shoot Ogawa

July - "Bring Your Two Favorite Tricks"

August - Lecture - Dan Garrett

September - Lecture - Barry Mitchell

October - Lecture - Two Brothers One Mind

November - Lecture - Francis Menotti

Fall Picnic & Magic Show

December - "Holiday Magic" and Swap Meet