International Brotherhood of Magicians, Jacksonville, Florida, USA


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2013 Photos

January Lecture - Shoot Ogawa

Sebastian Midtvaage opens with a very clever coin and credit card routine.  Below are also photos of Shoot Ogawa performing, and with Officer Keith Gwaltney, and Vice President Dave Coll



February Lecture - David Stone

Pictures below of Billy Debu, Junior Champion of Magic in France with Erik Boetcker, Dan Joubert, President performing with the help of Mondo Henriques.  Cyndy Weinman assists David Stone with a balloon issue, and David is also seen assisted by Bill Gillespie, Mondo Henriques and Andy Johnson.  David is in the last picture with Simone Marron, Secretary.



January - Lecture - Shoot Ogawa

February - Lecture - David Stone

March - Lecture - Murray Hatfield

April - Pizza Party

May - Lecture - Ice McDonald

June - Lecture - Richard Osterlind

July - Bring Your Favorite Trick Pizza Party

August - Lecture - Doug Conn

September - Lecture - Jeff Arnold

October - Lecture - Harry Allen

November - Lecture - Jay Scott Berry

Fall Picnic & Magic Show

December - "Holiday Magic" and Swap Meet